Get a Smart TV for your Home and Office

Smart TV can help you view online content on TV. It has got a UI and a pre-loaded set of apps so that you can view content as per your will and time.

Ekkaa Electronics is a World-class Smart LED TV manufacturer in India

which is fully integrated and committed to R&D, design, manufacturing, and sales of Android TV, smart LCD TVs, LED TV, 4K 2K TVs, and other TV products; with TV sizes ranging from 24″ to 40″.

They are a Delhi-led TV manufacturer of Smart TVs in India and supply many brands of popular brands in India.

Top LED TV Manufacturers in Delhi

A top LED TV manufacturer in Delhi, they offer a multi-functional device that offers you to navigate between streaming services, social media apps & games.

They have got the expertise to manufacture the best LED TVs & accessories as OEM/ODM to leading brands in India.