Production Facility

From the idea to the product – development, samples and series production from a single source via our state-of-art manufacturing unit, with fine tuned assembly process n-synced with capabilities in Backward Integration bringing the entire manufacturing portfolio under one roof, trained team and advanced product knowledge helps us in designing and developing innovative solutions to deliver the best to our preferred OEM partners.

With our continuous focus on abiding by the highest standards of quality, we always strive to deliver flawless products with zero non-conformities.

Warehousing Facility

Is aimed at handling and storing goods via our space management system, this enables us to distribute the products effectively & efficiently to their intended destinations with smooth and easy transition. And, as we move forward we strive towards becoming a more sprightly, customer focused and innovative company.

R&D and Testing Facility

R&D is an essential division which focuses on developing new products, processes and services that focuses on exploring & researching ideas, developing the latest appearance and most cost effective products.

Doing so we continue to strive for competitive edge, and give us a first movers advantage to capitalise on new technology to keep with competitors and break into newer markets.

24x7 Technical Support

Whether for technical support, on-site assistance, or remote support, we are there to ensure our clients and customers’ success and end-users’ business productivity by offering dependable, on-demand support options including 24/7 technical and remote support via our highly trained field service professionals.

Our support team is diligently trained to follow a detailed customer service protocol that outlines all communications and work related instructions. Doing so, we at Ekkaa ensure consistency in delivering high-quality service performance to our clients and customers.


Ekkaa electronics is an a-lister in Smart LED manufacturers in India & is known for its quick off the mark approach to market & its customer’s needs (along with its competitiveness in its cycle of manufacturing).

Ekkaa’s LED TVs are playing an important role by boosting its production capacity both as manufacturer as Original Equipment Manufacturer & Original Design Manufacturer e its market share. The cause is attributable to some competitive features we hold, hence we supply our products to well-known companies, who further sell it under their own name.