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Led tv manufacturing company in india

Television has become a necessary asset in the living room. There are many LED TV manufacturers In India who offer the best-LED TVs. Earlier there were plasmas, then came the LCD TVs, and now followed by LED TVs. Here are listed a few advantages of LED TV.

  • The backlighting in LCD TVs is done by cold cathode fluorescent lamps while in LED TVs, it is done by white LED panels.
  • They have better screen brightness, less energy consumption, and are sleeker.
  • LED TVs can produce better contrast through the use of partial dimming that saves power at the points where the image is stable.
  • They display more accurate colors by changing the color of the white light emitted by the LEDs.
  • They display very high-definition images by using multi-colour backlighting to enhance the image.
  • They are thinner and sleek enhancing the look of the living room
  • They give a natural look and fewer interruptions in movements.

LED TV manufacturers in Delhi NCR

Ekkaa electronics is one of the leading electronics company in India who manufacture the best quality of LED TVs & accessories as OEM/ODM to leading brands in the consumer With a mission that aims at producing products that are both ‘Made In India’, but are also ‘Made For The World’. An expert in designing and manufacturing LED TVs they are No.1 in terms of LED TVs assembled for sizes ranging from 24” to 40” in India.

They are fully integrated and committed to R&D, design, manufacturing, and sales of smart LCD TV, LED TV, 4K 2K TV, and other TV products; with TV sizes ranging from 24″ to 40″.