E-waste Management

At Ekkaa we aspire to build a greener ecosystem and contribute towards the global mission of a greener planet for a better tomorrow through our eco-friendly products & solutions that complies with the E-waste Management Rules, 2016, under the guidelines of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India to benefit our customers, respect our planet.

In continuation of our effort for a cleaner, greener and a better tomorrow, we aim to spread awareness for responsible disposal of e-waste and plastic waste.

Community Care

Is one of the key pillars of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that Ekkaa Electronics encompasses and that too on a broad range of interactions with the society, managing a multiplicity of relationships every day with local communities and many others in a wider society.

Our purpose in community care is to meet the everyday needs of people everywhere i.e. – from promoting child education, to contributing towards old age shelter, to eradicating hunger via mid-day meals, to supporting natural disaster relief funds, to conducting sanitization drives to ensure free flow of rainwater into sewage systems.

Which is why at Ekkaa, local responsibility is fundamental to our operating tradition and a cornerstone of our success.


At Ekka, we are of the vision that if CSR cultivates goodwill and loyalty from clients, then it can surely have the same effect internally too. Hence, ever since our inception we made CSR a priority to create a positive work environment that inspires and unites our employees.

This program supports female recruitment ( females represent 40% of our total workforce), retention and employee satisfaction. Hence, we believe that a good CSR not only attracts future employees who are eager to make a difference in the world, but also benefits our current employees( 5% of Ekkaa’s total income is used in its People’s welfare program), as it provides them welfare.