Great Teamwork. Greater Commitment.

Ekkaa team members are the key to its success. We’ve built a strong team, comprised of highly motivated talented individuals who, together, have built Ekka into being the market leader it is today. We plan to continuously attract high quality associates who want to work in creating products that empower in our quest to grow the Ekkaa brand. So, find your opportunity with a mindset to innovate, as we offer a market-competitive salary and benefits package.

Culture of Integrity

At Ekkaa we have weaved integrity into the fabric of our day to day operations in order to fulfil our social role and responsibility in a way that benefits our status as a trusted company across the globe.


Innovation is just a word, unless we take an action, and we want our people to think differently by challenging assumptions and asking 'Why' ? So, That they continue to be curious and be ready to anticipate change.


Quality for us means maintaining global industry standards across all the verticals, no matter how big or small they are…So that we can provide tech trendy products with unsurpassed client centric approach that, together, deliver value to our customers.


The core strength of our team does not only lie in our unified experience and expertise but in our ability to trust each other, no matter what the circumstances are. We are aware of the fact that - 'Best work is never produced by individuals, rather it's an outcome of a collaborative effort of a team that enjoys each other's company and support each other every day.' & we Ekkaa-ite transcend this same mentality to our clients too.


We believe that goals can be achieved only when we empower our employees and hence to accomplish that we focus on having a robust corporate culture - one which is led by leaders & not just managers.
Why ? Because a manager does things right, while a leader does the right thing. Thus, here at Ekkaa- empowerment means- giving opportunities to the teams to learn, experiment, test, fail and take accountability for.


Employees are like the fountains of new ideas, which is why we embrace the pool of diverse set of perspectives and experience to collaborate on projects, fueling better products, services, and processes.
The company embraces laughter, humor, and having fun while working toward a common goal. It pools a diverse set of perspectives and experience by assembling cross-functional teams to collaborate on projects. The company often holds brainstorming sessions around new themes and goals.

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