All You Need to Know About 4K HD TVs

The resolution of a television is defined by the number of pixels that make a picture. Pixels are tiny dots of light that combine to form an image on the television. Television’s picture quality is predominantly decided by the number of pixels and how well they blend. Seamlessly combined higher number of pixels raise the image resolution and enhance the TV viewing experience.

Consumers give considerable importance to resolution when deliberating to buy a television as higher resolution promises high picture quality, sharp colours, and more detailing. Therefore, TV buyers have started to gravitate towards 4K HD TVs. With the considerable increase in demand, people have started turning to trusted 4K TV manufacturers to get the best for their homes.

What is a 4K HD TV?

4K HD TVs are gaining popularity as they offer a real-life TV viewing experience. They have 3840×2160 pixels, which means 3840 horizontal rows of pixels and 2160 vertical rows of pixels. Such high resolution display is four times better than the one that is offered by a traditional HD TV (1920×1080 pixels): hence, they are referred to as 4K Ultra HD Televisions.

4K TV Manufacturers

Ultra HD Televisions have made consuming content extremely engaging. Sharper colours and picture quality adds volumes to one’s TV-watching experience, thereby offering a more rewarding experience. Since there has been a rise in the demand for Ultra HD TVs, the top 4K TV manufacturers have started to offer them at competitive prices.